We came to Poland in October of 1994 and I began immediately teaching in a Bible college in Warsaw. I taught Old Testament courses there for 4 years and helped in the church of a national pastor.

In October 2000 we remodeled a store front and in May 2001 we began holding services in a small town south of Warsaw called Gora Kalwaria (Mount Calvary).  Warsaw is expanding in this direction and Gora Kalwaria (GK) is a combination of agriculture and bedroom community. After our recent fire in GK, which destroyed the building that we were renting, we were able to purchase a store front.  With only very minor remodeling we are now using our own place for meetings.

In May 2004 I began the process of buying a house in Otwock to use as a church. I had unsuccessfully searched for a meeting place for a year. This house requires a lot of remodeling, but we have begun holding services in the building in Otwock since December 26, 2004. 

In order to gain us more liberty in the ministry in Poland we decided to start a nonprofit corporation in Poland. This was finalized in the spring of 2002 with our “fundacja Opoka” (Solid Rock foundation). This organization allows us to obtain residency permits and gives us flexibility in starting churches.

 . Through “fundacja Opoka” we have been able to obtain residency permits for other missionaries in Poland.  Ben and Sara Layer (BWM) are starting a new church in Siedlce, a town about an hour north and east of us. We are expanding Fundacja “Opoka” by creating branches in Krakow and Siedlce to help our friends in their ministries. We tell about them and others in a link called “Friends of Opoka.” Bob and Tina McKinney and Don and Nadia Orlowski are working together to start a church in Bochnia (A small town East of Krakow).

 As a joint effort project of the fundamental missionaries here in Poland we started a Bible Institute in Poland to train up the people within our churches. While we have not had the ability to have classes the last couple of years the interest the framework and structure remains for when it is needed.  Information about this work is on the page called “Timothy Bible Institute.”

When we returned from our first furlough in May 1999 I began teaching in several different Bible Colleges in different parts of Central and Eastern Europe. I have taught in schools in Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and Latvia. More information about these teaching opportunities that I have had is in the section “Beyond Poland