About Us

We are missionaries with International Baptist Missions since 1992 and we have served in Poland since October of 1994. Exactly what we are doing I have tried to cover in the ministry page, but in brief, Mike teaches in various schools in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and Latvia, pastors a church in Gora Kalwaria (GK) and a new church in Otwock.

Becky had been seriously planning on serving on the mission field since grammar school while living in Tacoma, Washington.  Mike became convinced of God’s call into the ministry while studying at Bob Jones University, from which both have graduated with advanced degrees. God used the experience of teaching in Victoria Baptist Bible College in Melbourne Australia for Baptist Mid Missions to convince Mike of the kind of ministry that God would have him fulfill.

Here in Poland Mike taught for 4 years in a Bible College in Warsaw, before deciding to teach in several different Bible colleges in the surrounding countries and to start the new church in GK and now in Otwock.

You can find more information about our family and life here in Poland by going to www.family.solidrockpl.org. If you wish to contact us for any reason the information that you need is on the “Contact us” page.