Beyond Poland

You can click on the names of some of the countries where I have ministered to get more information. In each of these I have many pictures which I intend on posting but they are not ready yet so I will post this now and catch up later.

Teaching in countries beyond the borders of Poland I really enjoy my opportunities to teach in these various Bible Schools. It provides a different stimuli than the work in Gora Kalwaria (GK) and Otwock.  It gives me incentive to read some books and study topics which are not yet appropriate for the work in Poland.

I teach predominately OT courses through modulars in schools in Romania, Ukraine, Latvia, and Russia.  These schools are on various levels of difficulty ranging from “Bible Institute” to a Masters degree. I have taught in schools and churches in Belarus and Latvia once, Russia twice, Romania 3 times, and Ukraine many times.

Some of the sponsors of the schools in which I have taught are Baptist International Evangelical Mission (BIEM),  Frontline Missions (formerly Russian Gospel Mission and Eastern European Mission), Calvary Baptist Seminary of Lansdale, PA, and Bob Jones University.  .