FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
There are certain questions that we are asked quite frequently, so we decided to provide answers to some of these. Maybe your question will be answered here.

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Questions about Poland

How big is Poland?
Answer:  Poland, one of the larger European countries, is about the size of New Mexico, and has a population of about 38 million.

What is the weather like in Poland?
Answer:  Although Polandís latitude is between that of Edmonton and Calgary in Canada, its climate is more like the Northeastern US. The only mountains in Poland are in the far south.

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Our time in Poland

Do you speak Polish?
Answer: Yes! I have been preaching and teaching in Polish for several years now.  That does not mean that I do not make mistakes or that I always understand everything that is said. Our kids attend Polish public school. Becky has Polish lady friends.

How long have you been in Poland?
Answer:  We came to Poland in October of 1994. Since that time we have been back to the States for furlough in 1998/1999 and 4 months in 2003.

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Our ministry

What do you do in Poland?
Answer:  We are involved in a number of things.  Our primary work is starting a new Baptist church in Otwock and pastoring the church in Gora Kalwaria, but I also travel in Poland and to other countries to teach in Bible colleges.

Where do you travel?

Answer: I have traveled to teach and preach in Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Hungary.