Our Friends

Picture of fundamental baptist missionaries in Poland was taken at the November 2004 fellowship. Absent are Derrick and Amber Lewright (on furlough), Bob and Tina McKinney (emergency trip to the USA) and Robert and Janelle Sulik (on furlough).

We have here in Poland, what we like to think of as being unique in all the world (at least I have not seen it in any place that I have been on the mission field).  We have formed an informal fellowship of all the fundamental missionaries that we know of in Poland.  We like to think of ourselves as friends, even though we come from different backgrounds and serve under different mission boards.  Our joint purpose is that the work of Christ would go forth with great power for the glory of God. We have semiannual fellowships (2 times a year) which we use as opportunities to share materials and methods, which we have developed in our respective ministries. 

One of the outgrowths of this fellowship is our “Timothy Bible Institute.” We have already seen great potential and growth in some members of our churches from this effort.  Fundacja Opoka has helped several of these friends to get temporary residence cards to facilitate their stay in Poland. 

In Warsaw Area


Derrick and Amber Lewright

In Krakow


John and Karen Glass

Johnson Family 200402

Darrell and Glenda Johnson

Robert and Janelle Sulik

In Siedlce

Ben and Sara Layer

Bob and Tina McKinney

Don and Nadia Orlowski