In Krakow

Jon and Karen Glass co-labor with the Johnsons in Krakow in “Immanuel Baptist Church.” They have 4 children to assist them in the ministry. They are on furlough right now in order to raise additional support. With the addition to their family, the rising costs here and the falling dollar they were hit pretty hard. Their web address:

Johnson Family 2004

Darrell and Glenda Johnson with their daughter, Hannah live and serve in Krakow. They have the distinction of having been in Poland longer than the “rest of us.” They serve under BIMI. They started “Immanuel Baptist Church” and have served as the hosts of the “Timothy Bible Institute” every month.

Robert Sulik with his wife Janelle, son Sebastian, and daughter Oliwia live in Krakow. Robert was born in Poland, but in his late teens had an opportunity to go to the US.  He attended Bob Jones University and gave himself to serving Christ. He married Janelle and together they returned to Poland.

Robert decided to locate in Krakow and has started Bethel Baptist church in the central part of the city, very near the train station. Robert teaches in “Timothy Bible Institute” and serves on the board of Fundacja “Opoka.”