Purpose of Opoka

Why “Fundacja Opoka?

We had several reasons for starting “Fundacja Opoka.”  I will list them, but not necessarily in the order of importance. The first is that as Poland gets closer to joining the EU its laws are changing to pattern those of the EU countries.  One area of change is the laws of immigration. In some of the EU countries getting a visa as a missionary is virtually impossible.  It has been here also.  These kinds of laws make legal residency difficult for missionaries.  However, with the foundation I have been able, without major problem, secure for myself and for 3 other couples 2 year temporary residency cards. Fundacja Opoka makes legal residency in Poland possible for us and other missionaries.

A second reason is that we could have a legal means of registering a vehicle, arranging contracts, and purchasing real estate.  A third reason is that we now have a legal basis for organizing camps and evangelistic activities and can receive and distribute charitable goods. Fourth, we can conduct “commercial” activity that will benefit the organization. This means that we can publish materials and sell them, open certain types of businesses for training and education, which charge for their services. This gives us opportunities to meet people and to “rehabilitate” those with dependency problems.  These are the reasons why we started “fundacja Opoka.”

”What can you do with “Fundacja Opoka?”

Fundacja Opoka” is a nonprofit corporation which can have commercial ventures. That means that while the central purpose of the organization is that of a charitable organization, it can have a for profit businesses which channels the profits back into the charitable work of the corporation. There is very little that we cannot do with the foundation.  We have the opportunity to form businesses and sell materials.  Our purposes for its creation have already been demonstrated.

We would like to publish in the near future, as funds permit, Complete in Him by Michael Barrett, which is in final proofreading stages as of this date. Dr. Barrett gives us a panorama of salvation from beginning to end.  We would like to use the book in evangelistic efforts for people who are seeking the truth. 

What can I do to help “Fundacja Opoka?”

If you are aware of some materials that we can distribute as charitable items we would love to help in the distribution. Also we are looking for a small press that can be used to produce literature for the Polish community. I am always amazed at the volume of material that is available in Russian, but there is such a small base of Polish believers that it is not economical to print and sell materials here without subsidy. We can give full receipts for gifts and donations to the foundation.