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Prayer Requests:

1. continued language acquisition and ability

2. contacts and witnessing opportunities with neighbors and acquaintances.

3. the Lord's provision of additional support.

4. Mike is working with Don Orlowski of BWM in Gora Kalwaria, Poland to start a new church.

5. Our children as they begin polish public school, both contacts and protection

6. For safety as Mike travels to teach in the Ukraine and Russia this fall.

7. Yura, Marta, Nazar, and Uliana  and the other  16 young people who made professions of salvation during the camps in the Ukraine and Lithuania

Text Box: Volume 7 Issue 3
Text Box: September 2000
Text Box: Mike Petersen family in Central Europe
Text Box: Mission Board:
International Baptist 
2150 E. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Home Church:
Temple Baptist Church
37253 Clinton Ave.
Dade City, FL 33525
Polish address:
Text Box: The Petersen Update
Text Box: 	Mike preached in several camps this summer.  The first camp was near Kiev where he helped with a camp aimed at 10-15 year olds from churches in the Kiev area.  The camp was directed by a Ukrainian national.  
The fruit from these few sessions remained hidden from the eyes of men; at least for now.
	Shortly after that camp, Mike  went to a young people camp near Lvov, Ukraine.  He had the responsibility for preaching two times daily for the 10 days of camp. There were about 50 campers ranging in age from 16-30 and about 30 of them were unsaved.  God worked in a mighty way and several repented.  
	One girl told Mike that she found the “lectures” interesting—she had never heard anything like it, however she was not going to repent, because she wanted to “check with her priest first.”  However, the last day she told him that she saw the conflict between the Catholic church and  the Bible.  That last evening she came forward just as Mike turned the service over to the leader.  She later said that it was hard to explain, but she was being drawn by a tugging in her heart.
	The next camp was a “family camp” in Lithuania (about 6-7 hours by car). We were helping Eric and Cathy Chapman, missionaries with Open Door Baptist Misisons. “Family camp” turned out to be “youth camp” with 22 young people, almost all of them unsaved. It was exciting to see the Lord work in hearts Text Box: Summer 2000: Fruit in God’s Harvest!
Text Box: Ul. Wiazowska 75
05-420 Jozefow k/Otwocka

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    The web page has lots more information on the summer harvest time!
Text Box: that week and afterwards. We saw several young people confess Christ.
	May these trophies of God’s grace continue in the truth, which has delivered them from the power of sin unto salvation.
	Mike preached in Eric’s church before we returned to Poland.  When we had been back less than a day Mike was asked to preach  that next Sunday here.
	This last weekend Mike was in southern Poland,  where he taught a session on biblical Hebrew and preached 2x on Sunday morning, before heading home by train (a 5 hour trip).
	We have been encouraged by our opportunities to see the power of the gospel in reaping the fruit of God’s harvest.