During the last few months Mike had been contemplating putting an ad in the biggest local newspaper that is specifically for the Gora Kalwaria area. 

At the end of August Mike took the ad into the office and they said, “Fine, come back next Monday and proof it.” 

On Monday Mike returned to the newspaper office to find out that they rejected the ad, which was mostly just the name of the place in Gora Kalwaria, address, and times of services.  When Mike asked why they would not print it, they said that they did not have to give a reason since it was a private company.

At first discouraged by their refusal, Mike decided to go to three other small newspapers that also go to the area.

When he was walking up to the door of the second newspaper office, a salesman, Piotr, met him on the sidewalk, and they began talking.  Piotr was interested when he saw the ad and told Mike that he had been looking for someone who could talk to him about the “real God” as he didn’t believe that the Catholic church had the answer. 

They stood outside in the cool, light drizzle and talked for close to 30 minutes about God.  Piotr made an appointment to meet Mike the next day at GK to talk about his problems, his search for God, and the ad, of course. 

Piotr came at the appointed time and talked with Mike for close to 3 hours.  Please pray for him as he searches for truth.

This incident once again pointed out God’s sovereignty, as Mike wouldn’t have searched for another newspaper if the first one would

Text Box: September 2000
Text Box: The Mike Petersen family 
Text Box: The Petersen Update
Text Box: Volume 8 Issue 3
September  2001
Text Box: The newspaper office said, “No way.”
Text Box: Mission Board:
International Baptist 
2150 E. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282
Home Church:
Temple Baptist Church
37253 Clinton Ave.
Dade City, FL 33525
Polish address:
Ul. Wiazowska 75b
05-420 Jozefow k/Otwocka
Web Site:
Text Box: have accepted the ad.  He wouldn’t have even met Piotr.  
Incidentally, while the Catholic church likes to promote themselves as “tolerant” in the U.S., they do not share that opinion in Poland. They definitely consider anyone else a “sect.” Please remember this when you read “mumbo-jumbo” about the Catholic-Evangelical alliances. 
Text Box: Summer Mission team report:
	In our last prayer letter it was reported that camp was to be held while the team from BJU, Greenville, SC was here in July.  However, due to lack of interest (or the hold of the Catholic church), there were not enough interested potential tent campers.  Instead, the mission team, who did a GREAT job of making contacts and meeting people, held a type of day camp with English lessons and open air games like basketball and volleyball.  Also a group of three young ladies held a Bible club for younger children.
	During this time the team met many young people.  The weather was most uncooperative, but they all rested assured that God was in total control.  On the last day of the games, the team invited those playing the games to walk over to the meeting place and sit down for a service, where they heard the gospel. They were delighted to have 11 young  people attend this meetText Box: Thank you for your prayers and support. We couldn’t be here without