The Mike Petersen family in Poland

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September  2002
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“Summer” in Poland begins with the end of Polish school usually around the 17-20th of June. Mike attended the World Congress of Fundamentalists held in Switzerland and arrived back in Poland a few hours before the BJU Baltic team did—the day after school let out for the children.

      The BJU Baltic team was with us for the weekend, getting over their initial jet lag. On Sunday there was a good turnout to hear music and preaching of the team, in spite of the fact that they hadn’t had much time to recruit old acquaintances from last year.  Three of the team members were returning from last year which helped immensely.

      We had a special week of activities in Gora Kalwaria with the BJU Baltic team from July 1-5.  For the most part the weather was good.  They held Bible Clubs, English lessons and sports activities in order to make contacts. The Bible Clubs and sports activities were held “out in the open air” and the English lessons were held at our meeting place.  We had excellent turnout for the Bible Clubs and one profession of faith by Daniel, a 12-year-old boy who has been attending our services for many months now. PTL!

      Friday night of that week we had a campfire and extended special invitations to those who  had attended one of the above mentioned activities during the week. The campfire included kielbasa and a preaching service.  Over 40 attended this service, and many parents came to

“check us out.”  We were thankful for the opportunity for contacts in this area. 

      On Sundays, we never did have a summer slump. We’ve been averaging between 7-11 (plus us) each Sunday for the summer months and we are indeed grateful for the encouragement. One young man, Tomek, 34, meets with Mike weekly for a Bible study because he wants to understand it better.

      After the Baltic team stopped by again at the beginning of August, we were able to take 5 days off (M-F) and head to southern Poland for R&R.

      From August 19-23 we held 2 Bible clubs daily in the open air in the same places that the Baltic team did. Turnout was good and we invited the children to a Bible Club we will be holding for the next 3 months on Saturday afternoons—at our meeting place. Please pray for a good turnout.

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Other news of interest:

¨         We received a 2-year temporary residency card in July. This was after a lot of hard work and many financial gifts by you in order for us to set up a non-profit corporation. Through the corporation we have helped a BWM missionary get a residence card as well. This is a huge praise!

¨         Doug Emr, BIMI missionary in the Ukraine who Mike helped often, went suddenly to be with the Lord in July. Pray for continued wisdom for all involved in decision-making in that situation.

¨         We are scheduling a short furlough for mid-Jan through mid-March, 2003.  More details later.

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