During January and February, Mike went to Belaya Tserkov (which means “White Church“) Ukraine, to teach for Doug Emr, a missionary serving with BIMI. 

Doug has a unique 5 year program that is designed for church planters.  The young men and their wives sign a contract that they will move to a new location and start a new church, as part of  their schooling/training.  Most of the students are married, and the wives are encouraged to attend classes also. 

Mike taught a survey of the Pentateuch,  in 2 -  2 week sessions, 4 hours a day.  The students were quite receptive to instruction and their responses to the teaching of Scripture was encouraging. 

He stayed with a Ukrainian family, who know very little English.  However, since Polish is in the same language family

as Ukrainian they were able to communicate most things adequately.  There are some words which have a VERY different meaning.  The word for a store in Polish is a “sklep,“ but in Russian “sklep” means a crypt or mausoleum. 

The greatest compliment and proof of the value of the course is that the sermons by students which followed the course were based in the Pentateuch, not by requirement but by student choice.  Indeed that is the goal of our ministries (2 Tim 2:2). 

Students respond to the course in a questionnaire at the end.  One student, whose opinion of the value of the OT changed very much,  states, “I did not think that the OT had any connection with a Christian life.”  The wife of a student, who suffered the death of her father

Text Box: while Mike was there, stated that the course help her so much by expanding her understanding of God and His love.  
Another student, who is pastor of a church  commented that the course allowed him to reevaluate “traditional views” in the light of Scripture.  These countries are very tradition bound, so much of the interpretation of Scripture is also confined to set patterns.  Teaching involves challenging the ideas of men with, “What saith the Scripture?”
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