It has been a couple of months now that the doors of the outreach in Gora Kalwaria have been open. There has been a mixed response to the presence of a “non-Catholic” mission. So far the men have been seeking to pass out tracts, stock bookshelves with books and seek people who are interested in having a Bible study.  Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons and evenings the doors are open for several hours for people to come in, ask questions, get books, and discuss the Bible and Biblical questions. Monday evenings Becky teaches English.

      The results so far have been mixed.  Here are a few of them.

·          One lady, Elizabeth, came in extremely discouraged over her problems. She was convinced that God “was out to get her.” She is a professing believer, albeit rather confused on some issues.  She is beginning to read her Bible and practice some Biblical principles in her life, which have helped in her problems. She volunteered to take some flyers and put them up at work and invite others!

·          One young man, Hubert, 20ish, came in concerned about “what will happen in the future.” He shows a continued interest and took some literature on the overall view of the Bible.  He would like to have more contact, but last time he was in his mother opened the door and shouted to him to “get out of there.”  She believes what the Catholic priest said

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March 2001

We are $600/month below our budget. (Since the writing of our December prayer letter, we’ve had one church increase our support by $100/month.) Please pray that God would supply this need.  The value of the dollar has dropped 18% here since November and we need this additional support. The need is urgent. Please pray that the Lord would supply.

Text Box: Opened Doors in Gora Kalwaria December ’00
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A young Ukrainian believer, Mary, 27, comes by weekly for English lessons and conversation. 
We received one of our tracts back in the mail with atheistic/agnostic comments written all over it, but no return address or name.
Two different people have told us that the Catholic church has basically “cursed” anyone who comes in. The priests told the people that anyone who enters our doors, even for English, loses the benefits of baptism and confirmation. We find this somewhat humorous considering that we are so tiny, new and unknown, and the Catholic church is so large—what are they afraid of?  You see more clearly the grip that the Church has on the lives of the people.
In a couple afternoons Mike and some young men passed out 700 tracts with invitations. Before they even finished, a lady called our house and told Becky she was interested in Sunday services when we start. She left her name and phone number.
	There are numerous others with whom Mike has had the opportunity to share the gospel and deal with the most frequent question, “How are you different from the Catholic church?”  Pray for God’s working in their lives.  There isn’t room to give you all the details.
	There are many possibilities for expanding our contacts which we will be pursuing, including an ad in the local newspaper and a sign for the buildText Box: Mike teaches in the Ukraine, Poland and Romania
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      Mike taught a group of church planters in the Ukraine, for two weeks in January. During the month of February, he traveled to Szczecinek, Poland, and taught for several hours in a modular Bible Institute one weekend.  Whenever he travels to teach, he  also preaches as many times as he is available—sometimes “without warning”. While you read this letter, he will be in Romania, teaching in two different Bible institutes, for Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in Lansdale, PA.