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Text Box: Volume 7 Issue 2
Text Box: June 2000
Text Box: 	Sometimes it is humorous to us to read our own prayer requests when a supporting church lists them.  It is obvious at times that we have not always communicated clearly.  Therefore, we want to update you on each of the prayer requests that we have “listed.”
Mike’s teaching in the Ukraine. (Jan, Feb. and April).  Each session went very well.  The students expressed appreciation for the teaching that they received, but more importantly, they demonstrated their understanding in the sermons that they preached shortly after the classes were over (this was reported back to us). Mike stayed with a family—one of the students, his wife, and children, while was there, so he was immersed in the Ukrainian/Russian language and food.  Mike also kept very busy preaching —as many as 3 times on a Sunday.  
Camp in July in the Ukraine.  This will be a junior camp specifically, but there will be a large group of teens also.  Mike will have the preaching /teaching responsibilities.   Pray for lives to be changed and souls to be saved.
Continued language progress.  In this area Mike has truly felt your prayers these last few months.  He recently taught a 2 hour class in a church in Southern Poland, entirely in extemporaneous, if not grammatical, Polish.  When he preaches in Poland, he is now preaching all the time in Polish.  He is starting to add short extemporaneous sections to his sermons, please keep praying about this.  This takes an incredible amount of work (and humility).
The money from ”Roger’s” case to be returned and the case to be closed.  This one is rather complicated.  Since the customs office made the confiscation about 1 year ago, some laws have changed regarding who is to handle situations like this.  Therefore, the office that began the matter doesn’t want to finish it because they no longer have jurisdiction.  However, those who have jurisdiction do not want the case because they did not start it.  So, although we have technically “won” the case in court, we wait while they play ping-pong with the closure of the case.  Please pray. 
Continued contacts for personal testimony and outreach. This is a self-explanatory. We have both been working on meeting Text Box: So that’s what that means….
Text Box: Polish address:
Ul. Wiazowska 75
05-420 Jozefow k/Otwocka

Web Site:

Text Box: people and  talking with them/passing out tracts, etc.  Mike has had several people express interest in Bible studies.  Pray that they will “come through.”
Work in Gora Kalwaria to begin soon.  Mike has finished the renovations to the building.  When the men from Berean were here, they did an incredible amount of work, and since then it has been slow going.  However, we are now ready to hang the curtains and get some furniture!  Due to some snags with supplies (like the flooring) we have been pushed back much later than we had hoped to be able to be started.  Our goal this summer is to expand our contacts with people interested in having a Bible study and get the Word out through tracts and literature.
	While most of the children here in Warsaw seem to leave during the summer, we have heard that the children in these smaller areas don’t have as much going on because they are poorer communities.   This an area of potential ministry.
	The slow renovation work has had a side benefit in that there have been many people stop by to see the progress and to ask what the place will be. This leads to a conversation about spiritual matters and a tract.  One man was relieved that it was not a “Jehovah’s witness” center.  A lady yesterday found a shady bench and immediately read the tract.  She said that it was “beautiful writing” and that she would think on what it said.
House registration to be completed.  This was a “technical/legality” that was finished in the last few months.  The reason the local school principal gave for not wanting to accept our children into the school was that our house was not registered.  However, we learned that the “real” reason was that she believed that we were a “cult.”  The registration is finished and  our children are registered for school next year.
Agnieszka and Beata Augustyniak.  Some of you know these girls through our email campaign “Operation Encouragement.”  Their desire is to be involved in Christian publishing back here in Poland. These Polish girls are rising seniors at BJU. However, they have some bills that they have not been able to work off.  WORLD Fund pays part of their bill, but not books, insurance, fees, any extra hours they take, medical deductibles, etc. They’ve been working as hard as they can, but they owe several thousand dollars.  They are overwhelmed by the amount they must pay off and their family just doesn’t have the money.   Would you consider helping them—even if it is just a little bit? A $25 gift represents about 5 hours of work for them.  
	If you can help, send your gift  to the Business Office, BJU, Greenville, SC, 29614, marked with one of their names.  Text Box: If you are not on our email prayer letter list, please write and ask to be added so you can better keep up-to-date.