On Sunday, May 13, we began services in Gora Kalwaria with our family, Don Orlowski, a missionary with BWM and 2 visitors from the community. We had many more promise that they would come, but these actually came.  Since then, we have seen some others also come in for the services. 

In order to help you get a picture of what the Lord has done...we have renovated a building (with the help of a team from Berean Baptist in Atlanta, GA), which we rent for $200/month.  Since December Mike has been in Gora Kalwaria, an area about 20 minutes away from us, on Wed. and Thurs. afternoons, passing out tracts and talking with people who come in for spiritual help, ask questions, or to look at Christian books/literature.  During these months, we have met many people who are searching for truth in the midst of spiritual darkness, bondage, and control by the Catholic church.

One man, Ivan, came to the services the last two weeks. He is searching for truth. He is a devout Catholic, or has been, as indicated by his well-worn prayer book.  Last Sunday, as Mike was preaching on forgiveness, he

Text Box: September 2000
Text Box: The Mike Petersen family 
Text Box: The Petersen Update
Text Box: Volume 8 Issue 2
June 2001
Text Box: Sunday morning services began May 13, 2001
Text Box: Mission Board:
International Baptist 
2150 E. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282
Home Church:
Temple Baptist Church
37253 Clinton Ave.
Dade City, FL 33525
Polish address:
Ul. Wiazowska 75b
05-420 Jozefow k/Otwocka
Web Site:
Text Box: Prayer Requests
1. That the Lord would work in the hearts of the people that we talk with on a weekly basis.
2.  Mike’s weekly preparation of sermons in Polish 
3.  Financial need: $500/mo. in additional support
4.  The evangelistic English camp details to work out. Spiritual fruit from the camp
5.  Safety on the roads of the Baltic team from BJU as they come this summer
6. Wisdom as we raise our children
Text Box: Camp from July 24-31
We will be hosting an evangelistic English camp from July 24-31 with the help of the “Baltic team” of students from BJU.  This will be a “first” for us in such an endeavor and we covet your prayers!  We are aiming for 40 campers/youth, mostly from Gora Kalwaria.  
We will be using our house/yard and the woods in our area as the “base camp” and the campers and counselors will be sleeping in tents.
We have a special one-time need of $500 to cover the cost of tent rental and other things associated with the camp.
Text Box: began to see the truth that everyone is a sinner.   
After the service, Ivan spent quite a bit of time talking with Mike about a Catholic magazine that he had picked up with a picture of Mary, Anna, and Elizabeth on the cover. The caption was “The most holy Trinity”.  Ivan is questioning the belief that Mary was sinless after thinking about the sermon and looking up the verses presented in the sermon.  His conclusion was, “Since Mary and the saints are all sinners, it does not make sense to pray to them.” Please pray to the Lord of the harvest for Ivan! 
      For these people who are so entrenched in the system of Catholicism, from the time of their birth/baptism, it usually isn’t a quick and easy changeover to begin to trust the truths of the Bible alone.  Mike’s sermons in the meetings are “What does the Bible say about. . . man, sin, forgiveness, salvation, etc.”
Pray that more people would break with tradition and overcome their fear of the priest and come out for services.  If all the people would come who said that they would, we would have to buy more chairs.

A very special thanks to our home church, Temple Baptist Church for their copying, folding, sorting, and mailing these prayer letters!

Text Box: Thanks for your prayer and monthly financial support.  We do 
appreciate you!