The Mike Petersen family in Poland

Text Box: The Petersen Update
Text Box: Volume 9 Issue 2
June  2002
Text Box: Text Box: Thank you for your prayers and support. We appreciate it immensely.
Text Box: Mission Board:
International Baptist 
2150 E. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282


Home Church:

Temple Baptist


37253 Clinton Ave.

Dade City, FL 33525


Polish address:

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Petersen

ul. Wiazowska 75b

05-420 Jozefow

Web Site:



Text Box: “Gora Kalwaria” means “Mount Calvary” and the town is located south of Warsaw on the West bluff overlooking the Vistula River.

On March 31, Easter Sunday, we held our first communion service. We had a good crowd that day (20+).  Since we are not using alcoholic wine, we carefully taught why, especially for the believers who attend and come from that tradition. We had a dinner on the grounds.
On April 7, Pastor and Mrs. Dan Sweatt from Berean Baptist Church were with us.  We had a standing-room-only crowd.  We had our second dinner on the grounds.
On April 21, Pastor Ken Woodard from Temple Baptist Church was with us. Mike passed a milestone by translating for him.Attendance was down, but those who were there Text Box: said that they understood without a problem.
On May 26, we had 20 with no “special guests” from any other church.  Most of those attending from the neighborhood have no clue about true Christianity. 
On May 26, we had a first-time visitor, Tomek, 34, who is genuinely interested in studying the Bible. He attended 3 Sunday services in a row and meets with Mike on Wednesdays. Pray for his salvation.
On June 9, we had our first “youth meeting” (college/career) at our house with 6 from Gora Kalwaria attending, 2 from the neighborhood, and a myriad of special guests for a total of 27. We had a grill, played some games, and had a time of singspiration and testimony.
On June 23  and July 1-5, (future), the BJU Baltic team will be with us. The first week of July we will hold a day camp for sport activities and developing contacts. Pray for God’s blessings, new contacts, and salvation decisions during this time.
Text Box: Highlights from the “Mountain” in

Special Request.   We need to take a furlough beginning next summer for at least 6 months.  We need someone to take our place. Please pray that God would provide His person and work out all the details.

Text Box: 	From March 28-April 4 two young men, Igor and Sasha, from BilaTserkva, Ukraine, (with Doug Emr, BIMI) came to our house to study “Ecclesiology and Eschatology”. Mike was unable to get away to teach them in the Ukraine, so they were sent here.  They stayed in our home. They needed this course in order to finish up their degree from Pillsbury BBC.
Text Box: 	Mike flew to Kiev, Ukraine, May 17, to teach “Pentateuch” in the Bible school for Pavlo Parvenyuk and Sasha Kravchenko.  He had a good group of students for a period of a week of intensive studies.  Most of these students actively pastor mission works or are assistant pastors in independent Baptist Churches.
Text Box: “Bible School” in Mike’s ofText Box: Mike in Kiev in May

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April 7, 2002