Text Box: was clearing snow from the sidewalk, a lady who lives nearby asked what we were going to do with the building. When Mike told her, “Have Bible studies,”  she asked, “May I come?”  
Pray for God’s working in lives.

The Lord has opened many doors of opportunities for us since we returned to Poland in late May, 1999.  One of which is in Gora Kalwaria (literally translated, Mount Calvary).

The town is just south of Warsaw.  Another missionary, Don Orlowski and Mike rented a storefront, which we will use for evangelistic outreach and as a meeting place for activities and Bible Studies.

Although the storefront is in a very poor condition, during the first week of December a group from Berean Baptist Church in Lilburn, GA, pastor Dan Sweatt, will be coming to help renovate it. 

The work includes hanging sheet rock on the walls, in

stalling a drop ceiling, laying new floors, and adding a small bathroom.

We are thankful for each of you who has contributed to this project, either financially or with prayer.

We are excited about this opportunity.  We heard that there are about 100,000 people in the area, and not one evangelistic church of any kind.

We want to start Bible studies and outreach activities in January.   I have already had two people say that they are interested in coming to a Bible study.

Recently when Mike

Text Box: Work in Gora Kalwaria to Begin
Text Box: Conference in Szczecinek November 13-15
Text Box: Mike went with Jan Tolwinski, the pastor who has been our main contact here in Poland, to a conference about 6 hours from Warsaw in November.  There is a group of churches in the northwestern part of Poland who want to associate more with Jan‘s church in Warsaw.  
	Following a Saturday conference in October, in Poznan, Ludwig, the leader of this group, called Mike and asked Jan and Mike to Text Box: come and speak in November.  Mike prepared a couple of different topics in Polish, Psalm 1 and the topic Forgiveness.  
	This group of churches has quite a number of young people interested in more Bible training and they would like to begin a school that meets one extended weekend every other month.  They asked that Jan and Mike Text Box: coordinate the extension.  They expect that between 15– 20 people/pastors are interested.  We will let you know more as we know more.   
	Jan had not previously been aware of this group, though he knew the leader from 20 years ago.  We were warmly welcomed as always in this part of the world.
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Text Box: The Petersen Update
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Temple Baptist Church
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Polish address:
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We need an additional  $300/ month support in order to meet our budget. Please pray that the Lord would provide.

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Text Box: Volume 6 Issue 4
Text Box: December 1999

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