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Mike in the Ukraine and Russia with BIEM

       In October Mike traveled to Kiev, after stopping in Lvov, Ukraine, to see some of the people that he worked with during the summer camp.  In Kiev he taught the book of Psalms to 60 interested students.  The school draws students from all over the Ukraine.  Many are currently pastoring small churches.

      After Kiev he took the train to Moscow and taught the same course there.  There were fewer students, but he had a profitable time there as well.

      This was Mike’s first trip “farther east.” The pastor of the church where the school was had been in prison 6 times during communist times. He had been sent to Siberia and suffered tremendously in prison.

The Polish people take the Christmas season very seriously.  Many Catholics become more “serious” about their religion during this time and take a little extra time to think about the “Christ child.”

The first Bible studies at Gora Kalwaria started. We are searching for the best way of advertising and outreach.  Please pray for contacts in this little town and a working of God‘s Spirit in hearts. 

      This area is about 25 minutes from our house, on the south side of Warsaw.  Many people work in Warsaw and buses run from the center regularly. This area has no gospel (nonCatholic) witness.

Each Wednesday night Mike has the Bible study in Polish and Don Orlowski is in charge of Thursday nights in English.

      As you go through this Christmas season in the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to pray for us in this new endeavor.  The name of the town “Gora Kalwaria” means “Mount Calvary.”

Long Court Case Finally Finished!

     We have asked prayer for a court case involving an American Christian who traveled to Poland on his way to the Ukraine in the summer of 1999 and was accosted by customs for carrying too much money out of the country. The money was confiscated—about $15,000 which had been designated for churches and ministries in the Ukraine.  The ensuing court case has been long and tedious, but the courts finally decided to return the money.

      Mike has been acting in Roger’s stead and will be traveling to the Ukraine to deliver money by the time you receive this letter. 


Thanks for praying!


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Our mission board recently reevaluated our budget. With the rising fuel prices and the increased needs of Gora Kalwaria, we are $700/month below our budget. (We also have had one church with some severe financial problems drop our support.)  Please pray that God would supply this need.

Thank you for your faithfulness to us in upholding us in your prayers and financial support all year long.