“People are starting to say that there is a church meeting here,” Janina said after a recent Sunday morning service. Since the last prayer letter several visitors have attended the services on Sundays in Gora Kalwaria. This has been a very specific encouragement and a direct answer to prayer.

      One elderly man, Jerzy, discovered that we were here about a month ago as a result of a tract and seems to be delighted to have a pastor locally.  It is wonderful to have a steady believer who attends all the time. He wants to be involved in everything! (including English—not the normal reaction of someone who is 72.)

      Following are several short reports of our activities in the last couple of months:

¨         Our mission board director, Dr. David Sproul, visited in September.  Appropriately, Mike and he were visiting a concentration camp on Tuesday, September 11, when they learned of the

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December  2001
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International Baptist 
2150 E. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282
Home Church:
Temple Baptist Church
37253 Clinton Ave.
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Prayer Requests:

1. Sunday morning service in Gora Kalwaria–increased attendance and outreach

2. our children as they attend Polish school (Jeremiah (13), Timothy (11), Abby (9), Lydia (7).

3. two open doors of ministry in a jail and in a hospital complex.

4. teaching trip to Ukraine in January (safety, wisdom, eager students)

5. the remaining $300/month support. (Praise for an increase in $200/month!)

6. New believer, Arek, as he works through Growing in Grace.

Text Box: Thank you for your prayers and support. We couldn’t be here without you.

Special Request:

We are starting an organization so that we can have an officially legal status in the country.  We mailed out special letters to each of our supporting churches. There is a special one-time need of a total of $6000 for this project.  As of this writing, we have had $5000 designated towards it. We are so thankful for this help.  Please pray that God would provide the additional funds.

Thanks so much for your prayers and concern for us!

¨         terrorist attacks.  The depravity of man is never far away—even when masked by religion. 

¨         Mike spent 2 weeks in the Ukraine, teaching future pastors in a school directed by Doug Emr, missionary with BIMI.  He taught Pentateuch in a summer school style course.

¨         Mike placed some ads in  newspapers in the vicinity of Gora Kalwaria. 

¨         Mike made a 2 day mid-week trip to Turek to preach and encourage a pastor.

¨         On Wednesday mornings, Mike has started teaching “Theology” to a neighbor who was saved last year.

¨         On the 8th-10th of December, Mike has a ministry to a group of churches in Szczecinek where he has a busy weekend, beginning with Friday night services, all day teaching on Saturday and 2 services on Sunday.  

¨         Mike has Polish on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

¨         Planning is underway for the mission team next summer. Pray now that God will direct us.

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